Make Portable Libraries Your Go-To Project Template

With the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2012, Portable Libraries will finally be built into the product. The 2012 iteration of Portable Libraries is much improved from the prior versions, adding not only new platforms (Windows 8 Metro) but greatly increasing the list of available framework library classes that can be used across the various platforms.

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Presentation Materials for San Diego Code Camp

Thanks to everyone for coming!

Harnessing XAML Templates: Slides | Code (WPF, SL4, SL5)

Easy Async with Async CTP: Slides | Code

Look at the AddingAsync section for the multi-step conversion from synchronous to async with cancellation and error handling that we didn’t have time to walk through.

Get the Async CTP at

Presentation Materials for New Hampshire Code Camp 2011

Thanks to the organizers and to everyone for coming inside on a beautiful day!

Real World Reactive Extensions: Slides | Code

Rx Home:

Reactive UI:

Harnessing XAML Templates to Power Your UI: Slides | Code (WPF, SL4, SL5 Beta)

Presentation Materials for SD.NET ASP.NET SIG

Thanks to everyone for coming and for all the great questions!


Original MVC application:

MVC Application with embedded Silverlight 2:

Silverlight 3/.NET RIA Services version:

All demos use the AdventureWorks DB and are configured to point to SQLExpress. Remember that the VS tools for Silverlight 3 can’t be installed with the tools for Silverlight 2 but the Blend 3 Preview can be.