Presentation Materials for Boston Code Camp 14

Thanks to everyone who attended! Sorry we didn’t get through everything but we got lots of great questions!

Reactive Extensions Quickstart: Slides | Code

The code includes both before and after copies of the demo application.

Rx Project home (downloads on the lower right):

Hands on lab:

Rx Wiki:

Presentation Materials for SD.NET ASP.NET SIG

Thanks to everyone for coming and for all the great questions!


Original MVC application:

MVC Application with embedded Silverlight 2:

Silverlight 3/.NET RIA Services version:

All demos use the AdventureWorks DB and are configured to point to SQLExpress. Remember that the VS tools for Silverlight 3 can’t be installed with the tools for Silverlight 2 but the Blend 3 Preview can be.

MSDN Unleashed Silverlight 3 Content

You can download the Silverlight 3 and RIA Services tools here but be aware that they cannot be installed along with Silverlight 2 tools! If you do not have a separate test environment to install into you can still install Blend 3 (which now includes a code editor) next to your existing Silverlight 2 environment to work with SL 3 projects.

Completed demo code:


Thanks to Rob Bagby, who created the demo application. He has the Coho Winery database used for the application available from his blog. Look for the link on the lower right.

Be sure to check out Brad Abrams’ original session from MIX.

Presentation Materials for Code Camp

Thanks to everyone for coming!

Intro to Blend for Developers : Slides

Leveraging Blend in the XAML Application Development ProcessSample Code also a more complete implementation of M-V-VM (we didn’t look at this in the session)

More samples are available in other posts here and also at my old blog.

Presentation Materials for TechDays ’08

Sample Applications:



Toolbar application only | Toolbar code


Demo Code:

When first opening the code there will be a warning due to a custom build step generated by Blend related to font embedding. Select the option to load normally.

Some things to look for in the demo application:

  • Built-in and Toolkit controls
  • OpenFileDialog (FileAccessPage.xaml)
  • Methods of accessing servers (NetworkingPage.xaml)
    • REST Service
    • RSS
    • Web Service
    • WCF Service
    • WCF Duplex
  • HTML DOM Interop using the HTML Bridge (HtmlInteropPage.xaml and Default.aspx)
  • Cross-domain server access (clientaccesspolicy.xml in WcfSilverlightServices)
  • Custom splash page (Splash.xaml in SilverlightConcepts.Web)
  • Font Embedding (HtmlInteropPage.xaml, look at the ListBox ItemTemplate’s TextBlock Font settings in Blend)
  • Basic data binding (ControlsPage.xaml, HtmlInteropPage.xaml, NetworkingPage.xaml)

Resource links:

Silverlight Toolkit