Session 1 & 2 of the WinRT Development Class – Introduction, XAML, and WinRT’s Control Framework



The first two sessions of the WinRT Development class were a great introduction to what Windows 8 WinRT development really is and to XAML development. We’re very excited about the future sessions and hope every developer will come learn with us about developing WinRT apps!

Session 1 Resources

Session 2 Resources


Overview of Sessions

The links below lead you to Meetup Events where you can RSVP. We look forward to seeing you at our next session!

1. Introductory Lecture (Nov 27th by Danny & Kevin)
2. Introduction to XAML and WinRT’s powerful Control Framework; (Dec 4th by Danny & Kevin Click here for the video recording)
3. Page-Navigation Model and Application Lifecycle (Jan 8th by Danny)
4. Fundamentals (Async/Await, WinRT API, Security) (Jan 15th by Kevin)
5. Settings and Search Contract (Jan 28th by Danny)
6. Share Contract (Feb 4th by Kevin)
7. Live Tiles and Background Tasks (March 18th by Kevin)
8. Orientation Handling and Proximity using Near Field Communication (NFC) (March 25th by Danny)
9. Introduction to ModelViewViewModel (MVVM) (April 8th by Danny)
10. InterKnowlogy’s WinRT MVVM Framework Session Part I/II(April 22nd by Kevin)
11. InterKnowlogy’s WinRT MVVM Framework Session Part II/II(May 6th by Danny)
12. Presentation of Hackathon Results + Certificate/Prize Giveaway(May 22nd by Danny and Kevin)