Code Camp: Windows Phone 7.5 Simplified

First off thank you to everyone who attended my session at code camp. I hope you learned something new! I’d love to get feedback on how you felt the presentation went. Please leave me some comments here or shoot me an email or whatever.

In this session I used an app codenamed LionHeart to help explain the concepts and framework I presented. To learn more about the framework I have a blog series named Simplifying the Windows Phone Development Experience! Codename: LionHeart. In this series I go in much more depth about the same concepts I presented on.

Please note the source code release does not have fully completed app however, the framework used in the app is stable and the API’s are almost locked down.

When the framework is complete it will be available in Project Template form. This will allow you to easily start a new Windows Phone project with all of the boring boiler plate work completed for you.

Presentation Slide Deck

Source Code: LionHeart (codecamp release)

Cheers! And Happy Coding!