Review: Dave Fancher’s “The Book of F#”

This book is fantastic! I had little F# experience going into this book and found the basics of the language easy to understand and fun to read. Dave does an excellent job explaining F# from syntax, types, and its functional nature all the way through complex topics like quoted expressions and asynchronous programming. The occasional Dr. Who reference is sure to catch the eye in his exciting code samples. As a C# developer I really appreciated Dave’s chapter that focused on comparing F#’s APIs to C#’s. I feel confident in adding F# to any of my pre-existing C# projects right away. One thing that I found very intriguing was Dave’s focus on using F# for regular application development not just math! F# is not just a niche language for the scientific world, but is a way to help develop extremely testable and reliable code in everyday applications.

I highly recommend Dave Fancher’s “The Book of F#” to every .NET developer. Even if the developer does not adopt F# the lessons taught by the language are invaluable and will make them a better .NET developer in whichever language they use.