The first ever Emerging Experiences (EE) Track is at Dev Intersection, October 25-28

I am very excited to report that the first ever Emerging Experiences (EE) Track is at Dev Intersection, October 25-28, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

I’m serving as track chair for the EE track.  It’s taken months of planning.  Here’s a little teaser Video with Richard Campbell and Giorgio Sardo talking about the keynote at the EE track.

What are emerging experiences?  It’s the intersection of machine learning and More Personal Computing, where magic is being created on a daily basis.  It’s a MSFT driven term that encompasses everything cool and cutting edge: Hololens, Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, Kinect, bot fmx, Cortana, Band, SurfaceHub, etc.

We have quite a lineup of sessions to be given by the best of the best at MSFT, and some 3d party RD & MVPs too.  Bill Buxton himself is even speaking in the track!

Anna Roth from MSFT Cognitive Services is speaking in the track.  Lots more great MSFT EE expert / speakers are in the track like: Mat Velloso, Keith Harold and Pete Brown

We also have a post-con called “Mixed Reality Essentials: a concise course” given by EE experts James Ashley and Dennis Vroegop where you can learn all this stuff in a more classroom like format.  If you ever wanted to learn stuff like how to build unity apps for hololens this would be the conference to attend.

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