Presentation: Crawl Walk Talk – App Lifecycle and Voice API for Windows Phone

Talk about technical difficulties! Major props to the vNext crew for sticking through my crazy tech issues. For those of you who couldn’t make it VS wouldn’t open any files. It would load the project, but if I tried to open a .xaml file VS crashed. I had installed VS 2013 Update 2 the night before thinking it would fix a code issue for me. Instead it created a nightmare! And then Cortana and I got into a fight. A little reboot fixed her right up. Overall I had fun despite the difficulties. Thanks again to all who attended!


I’m starting a new practice with this presentation. I’m using GitHub to host ALL of my materials: Code and Deck! I hope that works out better than having to download .zip files. Plus this way you can submit Pull Requests for bugs you see during my presentations. 😉 But seriously, I hope it makes it easier for you to access and for me to update! See link below:

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