Off to #WPC2014….and to see what Microsoft has in store for its own vNext!

As I finish packing for an exciting week in D.C. at #WPC2014 I am looking forward to the energy and possibilities that Satya Nadella expressed in his email to all Microsoft employees the morning of July 10th.  I have been asked by several people about my reaction….and honestly, I loved it – especially the part about the culture. I love the energy, challenges posed, and notion of change and accountability. All throughout I was thinking “insert InterKnowlogy here” and apply it to our own company. LOVED it. I am looking forward to hearing more along these lines at WPC this week in the keynote messaging. The time for change, a focus on the core that makes the company strongest, and a challenge to its people to drive the best possible services and products to its customers is a mantra that every company should live by.

Personally, I am excited about the vNext environment for Microsoft. I think it has needed both revitalization and accountability shifts for a long time – meaningful ones, not just ‘cut your bottom 10%, regardless’. There are some amazing people distributed across the many teams, products and continents that Microsoft covers. Inspiring, really, that the entire world has access to their products and services. This next wave is set to expand that coverage, building upon the strength of the deployments to date, and creating opportunities where they have not been taken in the past.  Again, there is alignment with that which we hope to accomplish at InterKnowlogy – continuing to expand our team with the best and the brightest, building incredible software solutions and diversifying our client base around the globe.

I would love the chance to meet Satya in person – hoping that his in-person energy is as inspiring as the words on paper. I can only hope to inspire others in the same way in the future – bring on the energy and a fantastic and highly energetic and positive wave of updates to IK!  We certainly have the team to do so, and look forward to adding more to help accomplish our bold goals, and celebrate them along the way!

Here’s to a fantastic week at WPC filled with old friends and new, great announcements, press events, new partnerships and late night events!!

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