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Here’s the little blurb I did for the IK quarterly newsletter on my presentation at CES.  if you want to get on the newsletter mailing list contact Jess at:



Almost 9 months ago The CES folks reached out to me and asked me to speak at their show.  The trade show is still the largest in the world, 140,000 attendees this year, and has been around for a long time – Since 1967.  It used to be called the “Consumer Electronics Show”.  They told me “We think your insight and expertise in NUI and futuristic user interfaces would be of great interest to the CES attendee”.

Although I have presented at some pretty huge events, world-wide live TV, etc., I was really flattered and quite honored to represent IK.  But, I went into a 6 month panic on how/what to present.  After years of presenting in front of audiences, you’d think I’d not be worried.  But, for over 15 years I have been presenting mostly to developer audiences.  Sure, the older I get the more keynotes I do, which cater to all types of computer technologists.  But, they don’t cater to the consumer techno elite.

The other difference is that I was given a session title “User Interface: What It Will Look Like in 5 Years” and short abstract.  Normally I submit session titles with an abstract and the conference chooses for me.

It went really well.  I spoke to a packed house and CES told me they had to turn down over 100 people because of fire regulations.  I must have got it right because the concepts of the Natural User Interface (touch, voice, gesture) really resonated and so did the future of neural interfaces.  Plus, there are nothing like compelling demos of the work IK has done to captivate and engage an audience.  I have never had so many attendees ask me for my presentation.  If you’d like it or to see the recording of it, just send me a note.

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  1. Hi Tim,
    I’d love to see a copy of your keynote. What is the best way to get it?
    Also, heard your DotNetRocks talk on flyfishing. If you are ever in Sydney Australia, let me know. Will try to get you out flyfishing on Sydney Harbour.

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