Don’t Break the Bank! Delivering Projects On-Budget

Who doesn’t love bragging rights? At IK, we pride ourselves on lots of things; writing the book on NUI, seeking out the newest technologies, creating the most innovative software, hiring the best and the brightest, lunch time surf sessions, legendary Open Houses, etc. But there is nothing that gives us more pleasure than consistently meeting our goal of delivering our projects on budget.

IK clients quickly learn that we are not your average software development firm. IK has spent years perfecting our hybrid methodology of Agile software development. Engaging our clients as part of the creation process is a key element of managing a project to an established budget. Ideation allows us to collaborate with project stakeholders to rapidly produce a series of wire frames and visual design compositions. Features of the application quickly take shape and come to life.

A similar cycle takes place during the build phases, known as Sprints. Feature requirements are broken down into tasks and assigned to Sprints. Here comes the important part. In order to ensure client expectations are in-line with what’s being built, IK demonstrates key features to the client at the end of each Sprint. Client input can often be incorporated into the application without affecting the scope of the project. What a novel idea!

Of course, another key element to nailing the bottom line is having the right people on-board to manage and execute the project. Following a proven methodology is important, but not fool proof. Only highly effective people can massage the process to account for the ebb and flow that occurs naturally when developing software. We’ve assembled a top-notch team of InterKnowlogists to ensure we exceed only your expectations, not your budget.

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