Windows 8 Developer Event – LA

On Monday, May 23rd, I had the chance to talk about Interknowlogy and some of our latest Developments at Microsofts Windows 8 Developer Event in Los Angeles.
In particular, I spoke about our “Personal Rehab Trainer” which enables patients to practice their rehab exercises at home instead of having to go to rehab sessions. If you want to find out how this Rehab Trainer cuts costs, how it provides patients with better service and what all this has to do with WinRT and Windows 8, make sure to check out the recorded event at Windows 8 Developer Event. My presentation can be found between 1h:44m and 1h:51m.

I met a ton of great and really inspiring Microsoft Developer Evangelists who spoke about the following topics:

  • Windows 8 from the Consumer’s Perspective
    (by Jerry Nixon)
  • Windows 8 Store and Developer Opportunity
    (by Michael Johnson)
  • Windows 8 Hello World
    (by Alice Pang (Make sure to register for her Windows 8 Developer Camp))
  • Visual Studio 11
    (by Jeremy Foster)
  • Windows 8 Core Capabilities & Interactions
    (by Matt Harrington)
  • Metro Design Language
    (by Jeremy Foster)
  • Building Metro Apps with JavaScript
    (by Michael Palermo)
  • Building Metro Apps with XAML
    (by Jerry Nixon)
Thanks to the pictures Justine Li took from the event I can provide you with a few impressions of the event!

MS Evangelists

The Audience

The Audience the day before

Me speaking

Me giving autographs 😉

The demo on the demo table

Our VIP booth

Thank you, Microsoft, for this great event!

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