Windows Live SDK for Windows Phone 7 – SoCal Code Camp Presentation (1/28/2012)

This was my first time presenting at any code camp. I’d like to thank those that attended and participated. They made the experience very enjoyable. You can download my slide deck here. I hope you find the information useful. Please let me know if you need any links that are not included in the slide deck.


Interest in the Windows Phone 7 platform is growing quickly and the need for apps is increasing faster still. However, not everything related to a consumer’s Live profile is available on the phone natively. On Dec. 7, 2011 Microsoft released a new Windows Live SDK which allows access to Calendars, Contacts, Documents, and more. We’ll be walking through the SDK and learn how to implement calls to Windows Live in order to support the rich functionality desired by consumers of Windows Phone 7.

Cheers and Happy Coding!

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