iOS 4 Persisting Data

I’m thinking of writing a very simple iOS app that has a login control. So a user can register or login with an existing account. While brain-storming how to approach this, I’ve looked in to SQLite that has been around for the longest time or using from the Cocoa Touch Library that was introduced in iOS 3, Core Data Framework. Currently I’m in the middle of researching the difference between the two. But I started thinking more and obviously I want my repository to be at a central location so multiple devices running my simple login app can access it.

Thus, I’m also looking into setting up a web service, perhaps a WFC service and throw it up on a web service I own. Then write some objective-c in my login app using NSURL, NSURLRequest and NSURLConnection classes. While scouring online, there’s a great SDK by Red Gate company, MobileFoo called iSQL SDK that allows you to retrieve data from a SQL Server at Look forward to a future blog post as I’ll play around with their SDK and see how seamless their wrapper classes allow me to hook up my login sample client app with a SQL Server database that will authenticate a user.

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