Installer Woes-Installing Dependencies

For the last week I have been working with a user of Informant to help them get the application installed. It seemed like they had all of the prerequisites and were following all of the correct installation steps. Today I finally had RECESS time to devote to this. After finding an unused laptop and installing a fresh copy of Win7 (no SP1) and .NET Framework 4 Client Profile, I found that Informant failed to install. This was a surprise to me, but decided to see if installing .NET 4 Extended Profile would solve the problem. This solved the problem. My coworker Travis Schilling proceeded to help me get the Informant installer to require the .NET 4 Framework Extended Profile. I then refreshed my dependencies for the Installer project. This caused one of the common libraries to move into its default location. The library was originally moved in order to make use of Probing Paths. To fix this problem I only needed to move the library into the correct folder again. I have now released Informant v0.1.6.0 with the fixed installer.

How to force the dependency:

  1. Right-click the Installer project
  2. Select Properties
  3. In the Properties window click the button Prerequisites…
  4. Check all of the correct prerequisites for your application
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Apply then OK
  7. Expand the Installer project
  8. Expand Detected Dependencies
  9. Double-click Microsoft .NET Framework
  10. In the Properties pane change the Version value to .NET Framework 4
  11. Fix the location of any common libraries that may have been moved in the installer package

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