Retrospective on learning iOS development so far

Before I continue on to the 4th blog post on my series of creating a Homepwner iPhone app using the Big Near Ranch book, I just wanted to give my opinion so far on learning iOS development. I would have to say learning Xcode and objective-c from a .NET background has been been difficult at times, but overall a fun learning experience. Obviously the objective-c syntax takes time to getting used to and learning the IDE of Xcode is different than Visual Studio’s IDE. The way you bind UI controls in Xcode using actions and outlets is very different than how you would bind in WPF. I know as I grind through and continue learning iOS programming, a lot of things will become second nature. Look forward to the next blog post on Camera for the Homepwner application in the next few days.

Also, I have the source code for the first blog post, UITableView and UITableVIewController. I will post a link to download the source code later today. In the next few days, I will also make available the source code for the second and third blog posts. I’m in the middle of blog post 4, so stay tune for that. Probably over the weekend, depending on my schedule. Also, thanks for following this blog series, as its helped me a lot to organize my thoughts and continue learning iOS development. Thanks!

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