iOS development Part 3 UINavigationController

Part 1: UITableView and UITableVIewController

Part 2: Editing UITableView (current)

Part 3: UINavigationController

Part 4: Camera

Part 5: UIPopoverController and Modal View Controllers

Part 6: Saving, Loading and Multitasking

Part 7: Subclassing UITableViewCell

Part 8: Core Data

Part 9: Localization

For Chapter 12, we will extend the Homepwner application and use the UINavigationController to add a drill-down interface to allow the user to view and edit the details of a selected Possesion item. Currently, you can only display the list of Possession items, move items, delete and add a new Possession to the ItemsviewController. Now we will wire up the Edit toggle button in the UINavigationBar.

After adding the UINavigationController, we will make the ItemsViewController that displays all the Possession items, the UINavigationController’s rootViewController. Then, we’ll create another subclass of UIViewController that can be pushed onto the UINavigationController’s stack. Thus, when a user selects one of the possession rows, the new UIViewController’s view will slide onto the screen. This new view controller will allow the user to view and edit the properties of the selected Possession.

At the end of this chapter, we will have a navigation controller, a navigation bar and two view controllers. The user will be able to tap a row in ItemsViewcontroller’s table view and have the new ItemDetailViewcontroller’s view slide onto the screen and display the properties of the selected Possession instance.

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