iOS development Part 2 – Editing UITableView

In the last blog post and last chapter (Chapter 10) of the Big Nerd Ranch iOS book, I created an application that displays a list of Possession items in a UITableView control.  I will add the source code and any gotchas I went through in that blog post in a little bit.  For this blog post, we will learn how to edit the content (Possession items) in a UITableView.  The UITableView has an editing property which allows you to move, delete and insert rows.  However, editing mode does not allow the user to edit the content of a row, the description property of the Possession item.

When in editing mode, a header view will appear about the UITableView that consists of 2 buttons, Edit and Add buttons.  Tapping the Edit button will toggle the editing mode of the UITableView.  Tapping the Add button will allow you to add a new Possession item to the UITableView.  Along with the 2 buttons in the HeaderView, there will be a delete button to the left of each row in the UITableView.  After this chapter, that will be all for the UITableView control and on to the UINavigationController control.  Stay tuned for an update with source code and gotchas I went through in implementing the edit functionality for the UITableView.

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