iOS development Part 1 – UITableView and UITableViewController

I’ve been learning off and on iOS development by reading two main books, Xcode 4 iOS Development Beginner’s Guide ( and iOS Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (  I plan to start a series of blog posts to document what I’ve learned and for others to gain insight as well.  So far in reading a little from both books, they each have very simple sample projects to get your feet wet in learning how Xcode IDE is used, writing objective-c code and MVC design pattern.  Today, I’m going to focus on a more complex and realistic sample application that in the Big Nerd Ranch book.

The sample application starts off in Chapter 10, UITableView and UITableViewController, called Homepwner that basically keeps an inventory of all your possessions.  In the case of a fire or other catastrophe, you’ll have a record for your insurance company.  The Homeowner application will grow over the course of 9 chapters in the book.  The first chapter, Chapter 10, will present a list of Possession objects in a UITableView.  So keep coming back to this blog to follow the progression or leave comments if you have a copy of the Big Nerd Ranch and want to develop along with me through the 9 chapters. 

Part 1: UITableView and UITableVIewController (current)

Part 2: Editing UITableView

Part 3: UINavigationController

Part 4: Camera

Part 5: UIPopoverController and Modal View Controllers

Part 6: Saving, Loading and Multitasking

Part 7: Subclassing UITableViewCell

Part 8: Core Data

Part 9: Localization

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