Bytes by MSDN Video Interviews from DevConnections 2010

The most fun thing I do at the major conferences is getting to interview ~10 industry pillars for “Bytes by MSDN”.  Each interview is edited down to 5-7minutes so it’s not painful to watch at all.  The production crew is all professional and it must cost a fortune to produce…and you can tell by watching any of them.  And the crew from Microsoft is an absolute blast to work with.  They have all become good friends. 

I love doing these things because all of the folks I get to interview are not only smart and successful technologists, but genuinely great people.  And I learn so much just in the prep and the interview process.  Scott Guthrie, Dave Mendlen, Brandon Watson, Bill Buxton, Joe Belfiore, Tim Heuer, Scott Hanselman – i could list 30 of these folks that i have had the pleasure of interviewing over the last few years.  All great people and totally interesting people.

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Link to the series

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