The links to the demos, resources and the pptx deck from the “Data Visualization” session I did at TechEd in Berlin 11/9/10

Here are the links to the demos, resources and the pptx deck from the “Data Visualization” session I did at TechEd in Berlin 11/9/10

Download the PowerPoint Deck from the session here: Download

Download the stand-alone community version (without the SharePoint 2007 dependancy) of the InterKnowlogy “Cancer App“ (C-ME), built for the Scripps Research Institute with source code here: Download


Download the 3D “Cancer App“ (C-ME), built for the Scripps Research Institute with supporting docs & source code from Codeplex : Here

Download a stand-alone version of the InterKnowlogy 3D collaborator (the WPF app for 3d AutoCad files) here: Download

See a the video on the WPF 3D Angiographer (3d heart surgery app): Go  (requires Silverlight)

The InterKnowlogy / Scripps Research Institute “Cancer app” for Surface Video can be found here.

The InterKnowlogy Virtruview “Heart Surgery” app for Surface Video can be found here.

The gigantic XAML file (which runs natively in IE) that spins the TSRI logo is here.

I can’t distribute the Surface, WPF or Silverlight versions of the US Library of Congress “History at your Fingertips” app becuase the LOC owns the copyrighted digital content, but you can find the videos here:

LOC WPF, LOC Silverlight, LOC Surface is in here. is at their site here and the Silverlight Wish43 version is here.  and the WP7 version can be found in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

The InterKnowlogy “Grey’s Anatomy” Video can be found here.  But, technically ABC television owns the rights to that video so if you do want to watch the 2 minute clip with the cool app we built for the show then please respect the ABC Copyright on it.

Other resources i did not use in the session:

The InterKnowlogy “Best of Surface” Video can be found here.

The cool surface, silverlight and wpf win7 touch app videos can be found here.

Many of the cool InterKnowlogy Silverlight  Apps and videos are here: Go

Here are links to other demos & resources related to WPF Data Visualization that i didn’t do in the session, but that I have done in the past:

The Vertigo Family Show application can be found here: Go

The “design to dev” demo instructions, assets and code can be found here: Download

The Avalon Patient Monitoring Application can here downloaded here.

You can get the Source Code, Demo Guide, and other resources for the StockBoids WPF application that InterKnowlogy’s Szymon Kobalczyk built and won the Microsoft Financial application contest with here:

Links to the New York Times Reader (and other news reader) WPF applications can be found at:

Install the XAML Cruncher app from here:

use this XAML as your default document for XAML Cruncher: view here

Resources from my NUI session that are related:

All the resources and bits for the Silverlight Multi-Touch Scatterview control can be found here.

The InterKnowlogy “Craps Casio Game” Video can be found here.

The Emotiv EPOC headset / Neural interface video can be found here.

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