I am proud to announce the promotion of Emilie Hersh as CEO of InterKnowlogy

I cannot tell you how pleased I am and proud I am to announce that I have finally “manned-up” and stepped down from the CEO role I inherited at InterKnowlogy and executed on making it happen. Today at our all company meeting I announced that Emilie is taking over as CEO of InterKnowlogy.

Many of you know her already…so, to many this is not a surprise. In fact, I have been telling folks this was my plan for a long time. Emilie already runs the company now and does a damn good job of it….much better than I ever could.

I want to delve back into products and that is what I am going to do. There are a number of pretty exciting opportunities out there. it is just going to take a little focus and a lot of work. This promotion frees me up from the day to day operations of InterKnowlogy to do just that. I will still do a ton of guerilla marketing and sales for IK. and I will still drive the technical strategy on the bleeding edge of Microsoft, of course. But, my goal is to diversify the InterKnowlogy business through software products at a number of levels.

Whatever I succeed in executing (or fail in executing) on just remember this: “It’s a Silverlight world. We are just living in it.”

Here is the official press release:


Carlsbad, Calif., 2/10/10 – Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy, a global technology leader in .NET custom software development announced today that he has named Emilie Hersh to serve as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Ms. Hersh has served since March of 2006 as Chief Operating Officer of InterKnowlogy.

Prior to her current responsibilities, she was InterKnowlogy’s VP of Sales and Marketing, responsible for enhancing and augmenting the client acquisition & services processes.

Emilie has spent her 20 year career in a range of operations, sales, consulting and project management positions. Upon completion of her MBA at the University of San Diego, she joined the Global Risk Management Services team at PricewaterhouseCoopers, working with the top Fortune 100 companies across the US. From there, she served four years in various leadership positions at Network Insight, which she helped to build into a global leader in network and systems management.

Ms. Hersh said, “InterKnowlogy is truly unique and recognized globally as a leader in the .NET ecosystem. It is one of the world’s great small companies, with a proud history of incredible software innovation and outstanding talent. It’s a great honor to take the helm and have the opportunity to build on its 10 years of success.”

Emilie will take up her new duties on February 10th and join InterKnowlogy’s newly formed board. She succeeds Tim Huckaby, InterKnowlogy’s current CEO, who has served in that role since 2003. Tim will continue to serve in technical strategy and marketing capacities and serve as chairman of InterKnowlogy’s soon-to-be-named board.

“This announcement will not be a surprise to anyone,” said Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy. “Emilie is already running the company and this promotion simply serves to formalize, arm, and empower her.”

Ms. Hersh’s appointment will free-up Huckaby to diversify InterKnowlogy’s product line by pursuing vertical software product opportunities. “For more than 10 years InterKnowlogy has built a multitude of software products for software companies,” said Huckaby. “We have so much accumulated IP, I am excited to drive a few of these amazing technologies to solutions the world really needs.”

Emilie Hersh biography

Emilie Hersh has led the InterKnowlogy team since 2006, bringing a solid background of consulting, sales, operational and project management expertise to the company.  Having led multi-million dollar engagements for global companies, built out cross-functional teams with a focus on exceptional delivery and exceeding customer expectations, and creating successful sales teams based on her own accomplishments in business development, the addition to the InterKnowlogy team has been wildly beneficial.  Responsible for all aspects of InterKnowlogy’s operations, she also heads up strategic alliances, both within the partner community and the greater business environment.  Emilie has an MBA from the University of San Diego, with a dual emphasis in Project Management and Supply Chain Systems, and is currently a member of the the Alumni Council, where she has successfully increased participation, professional event offerings and the USD network.  Emilie also serves on the steering committee for the Technical Affinity Group for Athena, an organization dedicated to women in technology and the life sciences, currently serving more than 500 members locally.  Passionate about the leading-edge technologies and solutions that are possible based upon InterKnowlogy’s mastery of the .Net stack, the ability to work with customers to help them realize their business goals via the incorporation of highly innovative concepts is one of her favorite portions of her role at InterKnowlogy. Committed to the development of her own team, Emilie supports and mentors all of her team members to ensure that they are aware of and pursuing the professional opportunities in which they are most interested by creating innovative programs within the company, and encouraging others to do the same.

About InterKnowlogy

InterKnowlogy is a global technology leader specializing in delivering innovative solutions by leveraging current and emerging technologies. We are known for our technical expertise and partner with our clients to take their technology to the next generation. Our reputation is built upon the ability to enable clients to capitalize on their strategic investments, maximize efficiency, and focus on their core business competencies.At InterKnowlogy, we employ the best and brightest in all aspects of our business. Our people are not only exceptional at what they do, but they have a passion about technology that is unparalleled.

For media interested in contacting InterKnowlogy please contact Mary Shaw at 760-930-0075 or marys@interknowlogy.com or correspond@InterKnowlogy.com

More information on InterKnowlogy at www.InterKnowlogy.com

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