I am speaking at The Enterprise Software Development Conference in San Mateo, CA March 1-3, 2010

I am speaking at The Enterprise Software Development Conference in San Mateo, CA March 1-3.  This is a new conference and I like the people that run it so with this blog post I’m trying to help them out by generating a little buzz.and hopefully generate a few more registrations with the $100 coupon. 

To register for the conference go to: http://go-esdc.com/register.html and use the Registration code: HUCKABY to get the $100 off.  This “Early Bird” discount for ESDC expires on January 15.

Details on my sessions:

102 – Integrating WPF & WCF into Your Office Business Applications
Tim Huckaby
This session will highlight many of the ways that the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) can be leveraged in Office applications built with Visual Studio Tools for the Office System (VSTO).

Visual Studio 2008 introduced an array of new features aimed at a wide range of Office solution types. With Visual Studio 2008, you can build solutions that incorporate the native capabilities of the Office client applications (like Outlook) combined with the sophisticated UI capabilities of WPF that’s connected to remote data and services via WCF, and use the RAD features of LINQ to manipulate that data. These new technologies provide opportunities for building powerful solutions with functionality that was previously difficult or impossible to achieve.

Now that Office has evolved into a true development platform, office-based solutions are becoming increasingly sophisticated, less document-focused and more loosely coupled. This session will teach you how easy it is to build robust solutions that leverage the latest technologies.

Interesting note on this session: This is a wildly popular session I have done a few times and keep improving on it with better and new demos.  for this conf i’ll have an office 2010 demo that should pretty much freak people out.  i give away all the code for all the demos to the folks that attend this session.

702 – Declarative UI Programming with XAML: WPF, Silverlight & Surface
Tim Huckaby
XAML has become the de facto declarative language for UI development on the Microsoft platform spanning Windows, Web and the Microsoft Surface. This transformation to a single declarative language for all platforms has enabled Microsoft to deliver on the bold promise of a cross platform user experience programming model for the future.

In this unique session, we take a look at how knowledge of XAML and .NET languages like C# and VB.NET allow you to develop applications for Windows (WPF), the Web (Silverlight), and Microsoft Surface using the same coding constructs and idioms. In this demo packed session we will take a look at how graphics, animations, data binding, styles and templates are commonly implemented on these platforms, and how XAML makes all of this possible.

Interesting note on this session: This is a XAML session and it keep it lively i have great demos including building a Multi-touch capable silverlight scatterview application on stage in 7 minutes.  i will show the audience how to do it too which starts with getting their hands on a free developer version of our Silverlight Multi-Touch ScatterView control.


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