My Interview with Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s .NET Developer Platform

At this year’s PDC in Los Angeles I got to do something really fun that I have never done before.  Instead of being interviewed, the brilliant Microsoft MSDN folks (Nora Kelly, Julie-Anne Arsenault, Erin Jacobs) who “own” this video series asked me to do the interviewing. 

The video series is called “Bytes by MSDN” and the ones done at Microsoft TechEd during the summer were wildly successful.  Having seen the first one published today and the all star line-up we recruited, I’m pretty sure we are going to trump those ones.

I did 8 of the 22 total video interviews. Check out the “flagship” interview with Scott Guthrie here:

Well, those of you that know me know I’m all about humor.  Life is just too short to not revolve around humor.  Unlike a few of the VPs at Microsoft, Scott is a genuinely great guy.  I have known him for years.  It’s not all about software for Scott; he has balance in his life and has a 2 year old son.  I am a Notre Dame fan; Scott went to Duke.  So the inside humor on the recording of this video is:

In the beginning where we are talking…right before I turn to the camera I said to Scott, “This is the part where we pretend we are talking.  They won’t hear us because there’s trendy music they’ll overlay.  I’ll turn to the camera in a second and introduce myself and get started, but I wanted to tell you before I do that, that I hate Duke.” and then I turn to the camera and say, “Hi, I’m Tim Huckaby from InterKnowlogy…”  That is where you see him laugh before we start.

The other bit of amusement is when I tried to show the video to my wife, Kelly this morning.  After lasting 10 seconds she said, “That’s nice. I’d like you to not slouch when you do these things.  Good posture…” as she walked away…

Again, this is the first in the series, and the outtakes video at the end should be pretty funny too because I screwed around the entire time.  The schedule and details are here:

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