Multi-Touch Capability and Developer Productivity for Silverlight 3 and 4

Los Angeles, Calif., 11/19/09 – InterKnowlogy, a global technology leader in custom software development, announced today the general availability of their Microsoft Silverlight Multi-Touch capable ScatterView Control product.

In his keynote at the PDC Underground Event on 11/18/09, Scott Guthrie, Microsoft corporate vice president of the .NET Developer Platform, demonstrated the InterKnowlogy Multi-Touch ScatterView control and the power of the Microsoft Silverlight platform.

The Silverlight Multi-Touch ScatterView Control provides comprehensive Multi-Touch functionality to your web applications and is brain-dead simple for the .NET developer to implement, making Silverlight Multi-Touch applications just as easy to build. The Silverlight 3 Multi-Touch ScatterView Control is implemented to enable users to freely move, size, and rotate items with their fingers. It is also mouse capable so you don’t need multi-touch capable hardware to use it’s functionality. See it in action at

InterKnowlogy, leaders in Multi-touch solutions on the Windows platform has a wide variety of solutions built for customers scattered across multiple verticals, and have delivered a number of applications within the healthcare / life sciences field of late. One application in particular was designed to support pharmaceutical research for a company with multiple facilities around the world. By taking one-dimensional images and being able to reassemble them into 3D models, the ability to create a fully functional sample for review has enabled for a much more realistic capture of the specimen. Top this with the application being run on multiple touch-based form factors (Windows7 touch-enabled monitors and Microsoft Surface units), and the researchers can move, rotate and annotate directly on the specimen through actual hand interaction. To further the experience, the application – now viewed in multiple locations across the country and around the world – can be ‘directed’ by various team members via a hand-off procedure that allows for tight control of any changes made to the specimen, as well as a truly collaborative and virtual experience that enhances the research methodology, and creates efficiencies with real-time modeling and annotations.

The ability to incorporate touch and gesture-manipulation within applications that can now be brought, literally, to the desktop is revolutionizing the ways in which people interact with their data.

“The Silverlight API for touch is so rudimentary,” said Tim Huckaby, Founder, InterKnowology. “There are thousands of lines of serious engineering in this control that will allow developers to build multi-touch capable applications quickly and easily.”

About InterKnowlogy

InterKnowlogy is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in the development of unique custom solutions utilizing the latest technologies across the Microsoft stack, many of which are pre-release versions. Coupled with a broad base of industry-related experiences, InterKnowlogy delivers innovative solutions to its customers and truly partners with each to help realize their business potential. At InterKnowlogy we consider our people our product and we employ the best and brightest in all aspects of our business. Our people are not only exceptional at what they do; they have a passion about technology that is unparalleled. More information at


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