I’m doing a webcast for MSFT on Tuesday, 10-20 at 11amPST: “Solving the challenges of healthcare and life sciences with Microsoft touch technologies”

I’m doing a webcast on behalf of the Microsoft Healthcare Division on Tuesday, October 20th at 11:00 AM PST.  I will be demoing a ton of cool software we have built in the healthcare and life science space in Surface, WPF and Silverlight…Multi-Touch!.  The details and how to sign up are below.

The tricky thing is Microsoft Livemeeting.  It has very limited bandwidth so i cannot show my hands on the screens with an hd camera live.  I have to video those.  And then back them down to a resolution that Live Meeting can handle.  I am starting to see success after a lot of encoding and tweaking.  My initial tests a couple weeks ago in HD quality were heartbreaking; put me into panic mode.  Like every presentation I do, there will be some “moving parts” and potential for calamity. 🙂  I am looking forward to it.



Join InterKnowlogy and Microsoft for “Solving the challenges of healthcare and life sciences with Microsoft touch technologies”



You’re Invited!

Solving the challenges of healthcare and life sciences with Microsoft touch technologies 



clip_image003The Healthcare Industry today is faced with many difficult challenges. Many of these challenges are rooted in the slow and conservative adoption of innovative solutions for fear of high cost, complicated implementations, extensive support and resistance to change. With the release of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system later this month, a whole new world of innovation, time to market, TCO and innovation is possible.

Windows 7 along with other impressive Microsoft technologies provides rich, interactive, touch-enabled solution possibilities. InterKnowlogy is a Microsoft partner who expertly designs and implements solutions such as these in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.

Please join us for interactive discussion and demonstrations regarding some sample solutions using Windows 7 to tackle some of these healthcare challenges.

Join us for this Webcast:

· Date: October 20, 2009

· Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Pacific

· Duration:  60 minutes

· Speaker:  Tim Huckaby, CEO, InterKnowlogy



· Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with login instructions for the event’s audio and video.

More About InterKnowlogy: 

InterKnowlogy is a global technology leader specializing in the design, implementation, and delivery of innovative solutions leveraging both current and emerging Microsoft technologies. Being a leader in both the technologies and business thought arena propels InterKnowlogy into the highly sought after position of being visionaries in our field and we are eager to demonstrate our award-winning applications.

Learn more about InterKnowlogy’s Applications for Microsoft Surface: www.interknowlogy.com


We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming event.


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