My Interview on Deep Fried Bytes with Keith Elder and Chris Woodruff


I recorded this show with my buddies Keith and Woody months ago and its live on The Deep Fried Bytes site now.  I have done hundreds of interviews over the years, but i really love this one for 4 reasons:

1. Because this show is definitely southern.  The show is opened by “Ellie May” with a strong southern accent.  They rate each guest for their southern attributes (i got a 6.5).  They make each guest come clean on their favorite fried food.

2. Because it’s not all about software.  During large portions of the show we talk about what developers do when they are not in front of the computer.  I tried to steer this thing into software many times, but Keith and Woody are “balanced guys” so we talked fishing, mountain biking, eating, food, golf, and other stuff all technologists do to get balance in their lives.

3. Because Keith and Woody are savvy enough to facilitate a discussion of me talking about InterKnowlogy and the cool software we build without me feeling bad about doing a gratuitous InterKnowlogy commercial. 

4. We get to talk about the weaknesses of today’s software and devices and about the future of software.  i’m a bleeding edge type of guy so i love this discussion.

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