I’m doing the day 2 Keynote at VS Live San Francisco, February 23-27

I’m Speaking at VS Live! in San Francisco on February 23-27.  I have two WPF sessions and, in fact, I’m doing the day 2 keynote, which is pretty exciting.  the day one keynote is Jason Zander, General Manager Visual Studio Team, Developer Division, Microsoft Corporation.  i’m guessing Jason will do all the “big” product announcements in his keynote. 

Well, about the day 2 keynote.  It’s called “Rich Client Applications: There is life beyond HTML”.  I will focus on WPF, Silverlight, Windows 7 Touch and Surface.  There won’t be many slides in this presentation – tons of demo.  Yes, i’ll even have a Surface device on stage with me!  I coerced by buddy Robery Levy of the Surface team to come out and do a version of one of the awesome developer demos he did at the PDC.  It’s going to be impressive.  In fact, i have quite the all-star lineup of folks to help me by demoing in this keynote:

  • Dr. Peter Kuhn, Professor of Cellular Biology, The Scripps Research Institute – Peter and I did the 3d demo in Steve Ballmer’s keynote at the Vista Launch a couple years back.  Truly a “nobel peace prize” type guy, Peter is very savvy to technnology and InterKnowlogy has built him some amazing software througout the years.  i have been on stage with him multiple times and he is always riveting.
  • Scott Stanfield, CEO, Vertigo Software  – A great friend of mine for many years, Scott is incredible on stage.  Like me, he has a ton of very talented folks who work for him and i am assured they are cooking up something spectacular to demo.
  • Robert Levy, Lead Program Manager, Microsoft Surface – I almost fainted when i saw robert doing developer demos in his session at the last PDC.  I am very lucky to have the Surface Team’s support in sending him to this conference.  Make sure and attend his Surface developer session too.  truly amazing stuff.
  • Craig Gravina, CTO, Premise Corporation – Although I barely know Craig, his personality tells me he’s going to be great on stage.  His Company, Premise, an ISV in the healthcare space has built some amazing software.  InterKnowlogy was blessed to help Premise in this effort.  I trust he is going to demo some of the incredible WPF and/or Silverlight stuff he has built for Singapore General Hospital.

I am also the moderator for an “Ask the Experts” panel on Wednesday night of the conference.  Those are always fun because we always end of bickering about something in a humorous way.

I have also learned that, becuase of the economic disaster and other things, there are some sweet deals for this conf.  you can get $500 off the conf fee if you use “my special promotion code”:

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There are also a few other discounts like single day passes so check it out.


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