Presentation Materials for TechDays ’08

Sample Applications:



Toolbar application only | Toolbar code


Demo Code:

When first opening the code there will be a warning due to a custom build step generated by Blend related to font embedding. Select the option to load normally.

Some things to look for in the demo application:

  • Built-in and Toolkit controls
  • OpenFileDialog (FileAccessPage.xaml)
  • Methods of accessing servers (NetworkingPage.xaml)
    • REST Service
    • RSS
    • Web Service
    • WCF Service
    • WCF Duplex
  • HTML DOM Interop using the HTML Bridge (HtmlInteropPage.xaml and Default.aspx)
  • Cross-domain server access (clientaccesspolicy.xml in WcfSilverlightServices)
  • Custom splash page (Splash.xaml in SilverlightConcepts.Web)
  • Font Embedding (HtmlInteropPage.xaml, look at the ListBox ItemTemplate’s TextBlock Font settings in Blend)
  • Basic data binding (ControlsPage.xaml, HtmlInteropPage.xaml, NetworkingPage.xaml)

Resource links:

Silverlight Toolkit

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