Download the "CME Surface Application" Video

InterKnowlogy built a Surface Version of the world famous “Cancer App”.  Officially named, the “Collective Molecular Environment” this WPF / SharePoint application was built for The Dr. Peter Kuhn Lab of the Scripps Research Institute.  Among it’s many accomplishments it was highlighted in Steve Balmer’s keynote at the Windows Vista Launch.  Well, Kevin Kennedy ported this application to the Microsoft Surface.  He changed the UI to use gestures…and he did it over a weekend!  mostly becuase all the heavy liftfing was done already in the process of building the WPF application that TSRI uses in production.  Check out a video of it Streamed on or download the video in it’s entirety here.

Download the “CME Surface Application” Video

Download 55mb zip file 

right click on the link and do “Save Target As…” and save the file to a location on your computer where you can watch the video

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