Dev Connections: “Integrating WPF & WCF into your Office Business Applications”

Here are the links to the demos and the ppt deck from the session, “Integrating WPF & WCF into your Office Business Applications” that I did at the Dev Connections Conference in Orlando on April 23rd, 2008:  

The PowerPoint Deck with all the links on guidance on how to learn VSTO can be found here

Demo 1 on how to do VSTO and Excel can be found here

Demo 2, which is a VSTO Excel application that talks to the AdventureWorks Database can be found here

(if you don’t have Northwind installed you can download it from MSDN) 

Demo 3, which is the VSTO-WPF-WCF music application, can be found here

(install the music database I used with the script here and make sure to see the note below to build your own) 

Demo 4 on hot to do a VSTO Outlook Add-in can be found here

Other Notes on my VSTO-WPF-WCF session at the ODC: 

·         I demoed Charles Petzold’s XAML Cruncher tool. You can download it off his website at:
use the following XAML as your Startup document (XAML / Save as Startup document): 







    view here 

If you want to build your own music database from your own music on your computer read how to do it from Brian Noyes’s Blog post here: 

Tim Huckaby (

 If you are interested in having InterKnowlogy help you build an application contact Andrea Heyen (

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