Visual Studio 2008 Peformance Profiler

The Visual Studio Performance Profiler in Visual Studio 2008 is leaps and bounds better than it’s predecessor but as always finding any information on Beta technology is not the easiest thing to do. To help out I have included a few blog entries that are helping me understand what VS 2008 has to offer and a few that cover some background information as well.

This first blog entitled Solving WPF Performance Problems: Step 1 is a great blog by Tim Cahill that you can use to get started with. It covers VS 2005 but included a few good tidbits including a link to a website that contains the debug symbols for the Microsoft DLLs. Tim also has another blog Profiling WPF Applications from the Command Line that describes how to use the command line with the profiler. The examples cover startup and already running application scenarios which are now supported in the UI in VS 2008.

Ian Hu has a series of blog entries that cover the profiler in VS 2008 showing off a lot of the cool new features that make this profiler the best yet from Microsoft.

Collecting performance counter information with the Visual Studio Team System profiler

Pinpoint a performance issue using hotpath in Visual Studio 2008

The New Developer Menu in Visual Studio Team System

The Visual Studio Profiler Data Collection Control Part 1: Excluding Application Startup Time

Comparing performance reports with the Visual Studio Team System Profiler

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