Demos and Content from my WPF San Diego code camp presentation on 6/30/07

Here are the links to the demos and the ppt deck from the WPF presentation i did at the San Diego Code Camp that I did on June 30th, 2007. 

You can find the Allscripts Healthcare demo app at:  

Links to the New York Times Reader (and other news reader) WPF applications can be found at: 

Download the stand-alone community version (without the SharePoint 2007 dependancy) of the InterKnowlogy “Cancer App“ (C-ME), built for the Scripps Research Institute with source code here: Download 

Download a stand-alone version of the InterKnowlogy 3D collaborator (the WPF app for AutoCad files) here: Download 

 Download the PowerPoint Deck from the session here: Download 

The Vertigo Family Show application can be found here: Go 


The code and demo scripts for all of my other demos can be downloaded here: Download 

Some stuff i did not demo, but is of interest: 

You can get the XceedSoft WPF DataGrid control from there site at 

You can get information on the Electric Rain Standout product on there site at 


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