The Slides & Demos from my TechEd 2006 VSTO session

Here are the slides and demos from my TechEd 2006 VSTO session. 

My celebrity guest, Microsoft’s Chad Hower, Regional .NET Developer Advisor (DPE DE) for Microsoft Middle East & Africa is off to Moscow now, then Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Lahore, and Karachi and promises to get his Outlook 12 / VSTO 3.0 demo to me in early July where you’ll be able to find here.  “Nag” him at: 

Slide Deck
VSTO Excel Guided Tour Source
Great Plains or AdventureWorks Sales Orders Source
VSTO 2005 Guided Tour.doc 

And here is an awesome VSTO Excel application I built that facilitates computer management remotely with WMI through VSTO.  it’s an advanced demo i like to do, but chose not to becuase of (1) the sheer amount of total vsto beginners in the audience and (2) having enough time for Chad to do his demos. 
VSTO Excel Win32 Services Source

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