My WF (Windows Workflow Foundation) session at Teched

This is my 9th straight year speaking at TechEd and my WF (Windows Workflow Foundation) Session is a first for me.  why?  it’s the first time i have ever had a session outside the developer track.  This session, although developer focused, is in the Office track.  

This session is an adaption (and beta 2 version) of a successful session that talented office/WF team members, George Hatoun and Eilene Yao from Microsoft have been doing over the last many months.  George and Eilene asked me to do this session months ago fully knowing they’d be heads down trying to ship their product during teched.  It is my honor to do it on their behalf. 

There are three big demos in the session (unlike the 5 little ones i typically do in a dev session).  

The first demo has no code at all in it – a first for me – and it is my favorite.  it simply shows the WF integration in SharePoint 2007 and Office 2007….but the WF integration is so awesome in SPS 2007 and office 2007 it really excites me. and when i show people they are blown away.  to a man everyone i do that demo for agrees by saying, “now that is why we have to upgrade to office 2007.” 

the 2nd demo is compelling becuase it builds on the first demo.  it’s like, “ok, if the standard workflows you get for free in SharePoint 2007 are not enough to fit your needs, here’s how easy it is to design and build a custom one in VS.NET 2005.  and i hope to portray just how easy and powerful it is to do that. 

for the 3rd demo i have a celebrity guest.  I have asked c#  MVP Adam Calderon to do a demo of a real WF implementation he’s helping to do at a real software company.  it’s advanced WF and i believe the audience will totally dig a middle tier implementation of WF – a very compelling design pattern for WF.  

For the last few years I have been having “celebrity guests” do demos in my sessions and it has worked very well.  for the last couple years i have had brad sherrell from pacific life join me on stage.  he is an amazing talent, a good friend and a fantastic speaker.  he’s not coming this year and i miss him already. 

Come see the session and make sure to say hi.


OFC312 – Developing Workflows for the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) 

253 ABC  

June 13 

2:45 PM 

4:00 PM 

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