Windows Workflow (WF) Changes in Beta2

I just ran across some interesting news for those of you working with WF. It seems that the DataSource activities will be removed in Beta2. Excerpt from Windows Workflow Foundation Forum entry…

It’s also worthwhile pointing out that the DataSource activities have been removed in Beta2, so you might be better off using the EventSink/InvokeMethod activities or some of the Send/Receive activities posted in the gallery.

The other removal, off the top of my head, is the CorrelationProvider.  It allows a custom delegate to be used to provide message correlation.

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Arjun Banker | Software Development Engineer in Test | Windows Workflow Foundation

This means that you should move your workflows in the direction of EventSink/InvokeMethod activities if you want to pass data into and out of your workflow. For those of you looking into WF and using the book Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation (see below) you might want to skip chapter 5.

Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation Book  Presenting Windows Workflow Foundation

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