Moving Forward with WinForms applications

With all of the neat new features of the Windows Presentation Foundation you are probably asking yourself what should I do? The answer to this question really centers around what type of applications you plan to create in the next year or two. If you will continue to develop line of business applications that have the look and feel of many of the Office applications then WinForms 2.0 is the way to go. If you plan to develop highly graphical intensive applications or are looking to create navigation based applications with a large amount of graphics then Windows Presentation Foundation is the way to go. If you are stuck somewhere in the middle then all is not lost. Microsoft will be working very hard to make the two work together enabling you to have a hybrid application containing both technologies. For more information on what is in Windows Presentation Foundation check the Windows Vista Site on MDSN. To see a very cool sample application Microsoft created using the Windows Presentation Foundation check out Microsoft Max

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