VS 2005 Report Control

In the new release of VS 2005 comes the Report Control. This control is the same control that VS 2003 used to display reports when you were designing reports for SQL Reporting Services 2000 (SSRS). This control has two versions one for smart client development and one for web development and fits seamlessly into the development paradigm of Visual Studio. The control operates in two modes (1) Remote Mode which allows you to view reports housed in SSRS and (2) Local mode which allows you to create reports that are embedded into your application, via resource entries, that don’t require SSRS to run. This is huge in the sense that now you can create reports for smart client applications that are part of the application itself and have no runtime dependencies. One of the interesting features of using the Report control in local mode is that you can bind to just about any datasource. One of my favorite scenarios is creating a report based on a strongly typed collection eliminating the need for extra coding in situations where you already have your data being returned in this format. In closing I would recommend you check this control out in VS 2005 Beta 2 and above http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/vs2005/default.aspx  and see how it can fit into your next project.

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