The all encompassing kick ass smart client demo (my teched 2005 contoso real estate demo)

Many of you have asked about gettting your hands on the “all encompassing kick ass smart client demo” (my teched 2005 contoso real estate demo).  I’d love to give it to you.  There’s a couple complications that need to be figured out before i can do that. 

(1) I need blessing from Redmond.  They own the code base.  i’m pretty sure this is not a problem.  they love giving out apps that people can learn from and this on in particular is a good one for that.  there are some ugly spots underneith, of course, ’cause it’s only a demo; not a production app.  so, disclaimers would need to be added.   

(2) The only form i have it in is two VPCs totalling over 13 gbs of space.  there are two complications with this.  firstly, putting a link to 13gbs of bits off our public site could potentially bring us to our knees.  Secondly, there are licensing issues involved with fully configured VPCs.   

Ideally, Redmond will package this demo up into an installable set of MSIs and give very detailed directions on how to set up the environment.  maybe they’ll even pay us to do that.  i hope so.  I have an email in to redmond asking how they’d like to proceed.  Keep your fingers crossed.   


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