The Press is starting to heat up on Tech Ed

i did 3 press interviews today.  there’s a few crucial announcemnts at teched this year, but there’s one in particular that i’m excited about.  and if i get my act together in time i will demo it in my smart client session.  i have a number of demos that are just awesome.  i could do the full session just on demos alone….but, since i’m doing the smart client track keynote, theres a number of important messages to get out. 

Some of the take-a-ways from my session will be: 

  • the way an application is manifested is an important part of it’s architecture
  • there aint no smart client revolution without .net
  • deployment is an important part of the architecture.  if you get it designed up front with the network guys, you’ll never have to bother them again as you rev your app.
  • the term “smart client“ is a marketing term – the technologies around the concept are not.

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