My Slides are in review Chaos at Microsoft

The bad news about doing the Smart Client Keynote is how many MS folks are interesting in partying on my slides.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot a talented people at MS who can / have helped me – Craig Neable for one – but, i’m told it’s under senior executive review today and that scares the heck out of me….for reasons i shouldn’t put in print… 

i had the deck mostly done months ago and was just waiting on a few things from the review team – like whether i’m going to talk product roadmap, etc.  but, it got held hostage so long that i forgot about it and technically missed my window to have a dedicated slideworks person make it look pretty.  i think i’m cool on that.  they’ll squeeze me in end of this week and next.  but, it was quite the issue last week. 

i’m meeting with Brad Sherrell of Pacific Life today.  I’m bringing him on stage to do a kick-ass whidbey winforms demo of an app we are helping Pacific Life Build.  Brad is a savvy veteran of teched having been on stage with Paul Flessner at the keynote two years ago and having done a session with the vb team the year before that.

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