L.A. Code Camp October 2008 Presentation Materials

Shrinking your Code-behind with WPF Data Binding

Slides: ShrinkingCodeBehind.zip

Demo code including both WPF and Silverlight versions: PositionTracker.zip

To switch between the two WPF UIs look in App.xaml for the commented out StartupURI. The sample data includes resumes but not images. If you want to try out your own images they should be added to the SampleData/Images folder and referenced in SampleData/ApplicationData.xml in place of the current 01.jpg reference.

More information on the change notification memory leak that we discussed: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/938416

Dynamic UI Layout in XAML

Slides: DynamicLayout.zip

Demo code for layout concepts: Layouts.zip

Demo application code for WPF and Silverlight: PositionTracker.zip (see notes above)

Also check out my other blog posts here and at my old blog for other examples related to both topics. Thanks for coming!

San Diego Code Camp 2008 Resources

Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions!

Application Layout in XAML:

Handout | Code

Also look at this previous post for more on sharing sizing between Grids.

We didn’t get to cover the FrameworkElement layout properties so check out the second application in the sample code to get a feel for how they work.

Building Controls for WPF:

Slides | Code

You can also download the full class library reference poster here.

WPF Data Binding:

Slides | Code

Also look at my other blog posts for more examples and explanations.

Creating Responsive Desktop Apps:


Code Camp Presentations

Thanks to everyone that attended my presentations!

Sample code includes sln files for both VS 2005 and 2008. Slides are in pptx format (get converters to use in Office 2003).

WPF Data Binding: slides | code
Lots of stuff in the code that we didn’t get to. Look at NavWindow.xaml to see just how much can go into a binding expression.

WPF Controls: slides | code

Also check out some of my other blogs posts for more sample code.

SD .NET Developer Group Presentation Resources

Here are the slides from my “Automating Builds with MSBuild and Team Foundation Server” presentation in 2 formats:

Small PDF (900K)
PowerPoint Show (3.3MB)

And the sample project from my MSBuild demos (look at the project files as XML)

Some other useful links:

Deploying .NET Applications at Amazon
MSBuild on MSDN – http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/wea2sca5.aspx
Community Tasks – http://msbuildtasks.tigris.org/
MSBuild Sidekick – http://www.attrice.info/msbuild/