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InterKnowlogy Agency Partners are some of the most innovative and technologically savvy digital design firms in the business today.
If you want to set your brand apart from the competition, consider a Design Agency Partnership with InterKnowlogy. We partner with agencies to add value to their company by being their “Go To” custom development team and give them an inside track on the latest technology developments in the software solution industry.

InterKnowlogy is the leading source and expertise in the area of custom software and application solutions for Fortune 500 companies.  At InterKnowlogy we meet and collaborate with our partners to understand the project needs and the best approach to tackle it. We want to equip your agency to offer leading edge solutions that make you stand above the rest of the marketplace.
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New IMSA app is maximizing the user experience during live race events!

IMSA Mobile Apps

Though the re-developed version of the IMSA app only launched on May 1st, it is already completely changing the user experience during live race events in a number of significant ways. IMSA can now publish app updates to all user devices with immediate effect, getting important updates, videos and other content out to the people with the press of a button. The app itself is incredibly easy to manage and has already been utilized at a variety of events (including the continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix) without intervention from the IK development team. It’s been downloaded over 31,000 times on the iOS platform alone and almost 3,000 times to the Windows Phone platform. Each platform has its own matching app, allowing users full access to this incredible experience in a format that is designed to work on their own personal mobile device.

The Second Screen Experience

The IMSA app isn’t just a way to recreate the broadcast TV experience on a smaller and more personal device – it’s a way to completely tear it apart and rebuild it from the ground up. If a user is already watching TV, they can use the app to maximize their experience by viewing in car cameras or by getting team and driver details on their mobile device via the app. If the user is at the live event, they can listen to IMSA radio to make sure that they always have the information they need when they need it the most.

At its core, the IMSA app isn’t about taking something old and putting a fresh coat of paint on it – it’s about taking something that already exists and making it exponentially better for the benefit of users everywhere.

The New IMSA App and the User Experience

Even though the IMSA app was only recently released, it is still completely revolutionizing the user experience in a number of interesting and important ways. The IMSA app includes the native ability for a user to receive push notifications, for example, allowing them to get automated reminders prior to certain events that they may want to watch. This means that they won’t have to worry about missing even a second of the high-stakes action that they’re already so heavily invested in.

The IMSA app also allows users to view post event videos, which lets the user continue the experience on their own terms and catch up on certain activities even if they originally missed them when they were broadcast on live TV.

At its core, the new IMSA app is all about empowerment. It’s giving the user the tools necessary to experience live race events however and wherever they want without restriction. If the user wants constant, unfettered access to live footage, they’ve got it from one easy to use platform. If they want to catch up on events that they missed after a hard day at work or school, they’ve got that, too. In just a short period of time, the IMSA app is already changing the face of live race events for all time and for the better.

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Create A Great User Experience For Your App

User Experience Design Pyrmid

If your app is infuriating to use, users will give up and find an alternative. User experience design also referred to as UXD or UED, is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product. User experience design combines the user interface, user workflows, animations, gestures, artwork and the overall feeling your app gives to the user. The mobile UX design can make or break the entire user experience and high attention and effort is required on features and designs of an app.

Consider these questions before you start designing an app:

  • Usefulness – How can it simplify or make tasks easier?
  • Usability – Is it user-friendly?
  • Uniqueness – Is it offering something other apps don’t?
  • Accessibility – What is the load time? Do users quickly and easily find what they’re looking for?

Collaborate With the Design & Dev Teams Early On

Involve your UX designer and developers as early as possible into the project. Working with both a UX designer that has an understanding that software is not simply code and a developer team that appreciates the expertise of beautiful and intuitive design can lead to stunning results. The whole team can work together to perfect the app’s user interface.

Ensure There Is a Primary Action and a Next Action On Every Screen

Screens can often be cluttered with too many actions to take, but lower functionality pages often leave users with no next action to take to continue their journey. This also brings up the topic of habituation. Habituation is when a user becomes trained to do a certain action they no longer need to think about it. Using consistent actions to create a focused experience will allow users to quickly and easily explore the app.

Know Your Audience

When designing your app, you need to understand who you are designing it for. App developers tend to be in the age range of 30 to 55, also known as Generation Xers. The two largest demographics in the U.S. are Baby Boomers (55+) and Millennials (Under 30). Knowing who will be using your app can help you build what they want: an intuitive app that meets a need.

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InterKnowlogy and Microsoft partner to bring a new technology era for 2016 Iowa caucuses

The Iowa caucuses provide a unique forum for civic engagement.

Every four years, Iowa commands the national spotlight. As the first official contest in the nominating process for president of the United States, candidates from both political parties and the citizens of the State of Iowa take the process seriously.

At Microsoft, we understand that technology can empower people and organizations to discover creative ways to address enduring problems and opportunities. That is why we are honored to support the 2016 Iowa caucus via a new, mobile-enabled, cloud-based platform that will facilitate accuracy and efficiency of the reporting process.

We are excited to work with such a great partner to bring the citizens and political parties in the state of Iowa the technology, data, and business intelligence to help make the caucus reporting efficient, accurate, and secure. Watch this video by Microsoft to learn more about the exciting project!

View the press conference here (live from Des Moines on Friday, June 5 at 1:30 pm PT).


The big news was also picked up on several media outlets which was very exciting for us! Checkout these press releases for more coverage.

CNN’s Coverage

Washington Times

Iowa Democratic Party

Iowa Republican Party

Microsoft On The Issues


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ACT | The App Association Welcomes InterKnowlogy CEO Hersh to Its Board

emilie_hershWe have exciting news! Just announced, our CEO Emilie Hersh is the newest addition to ACT | The App Association’s Board of Directors. Emilie’s experience spans more than twenty years with tech startups, consulting, and extensive team leadership across a number of industry verticals.

As InterKnowlogy’s Chief Executive Officer she has successfully grown the company to a highly profitable entity, more than doubling revenue while expanding internationally. The company has become a global leader developing interactive software for startups, Fortune 100 clients, global media outlets, and many of the best-recognized brands in the world.

“We are delighted to welcome Emilie Hersh to our Board of Directors,” said ACT | The App Association President Jonathan Zuck. “Her leadership has produced extraordinary achievements in innovation and she’s long been a valuable resource to our organization. Emilie will be an exemplary addition to our team.”

About ACT | The App Association:

ACT | The App Association represents more than 5,000 small and mid-size software companies in the mobile app economy. The organization advocates for an environment that inspires and rewards innovation while providing resources to help its members leverage their intellectual assets to raise capital, create jobs, and continue innovating.

InterKnowlogy Employees Give Back To Community

nterknowlogy Employees Day of Giving

InterKnowlogy colleagues volunteered with Habitat for Humanity as part of the company’s Day of Giving event. InterKnowlogy is known for its incredible company culture and community spirit, with employees who are as passionate about creating innovative technology as they are about the place they live. Volunteers pitched in to work on a job site in Escondido, where future family homes were in different phases of construction. Over half the company’s employees participated in the event and spent the day installing roofing, hanging drywall and painting. The sense of teamwork was magnified when the employees joined together to make an impact in the community, creating awareness about the need to improve living conditions for low-income families.

“I have always been an advocate in giving back, and there are so many ways in which we can all do so – even better when we can do it together. The people at IK make it not only possible, but it is the reason we come to work and excel each day. It is truly my pleasure to work side-by-side with everyone here and give back to those in our community who need the most help!”

—Emilie Hersh, CEO of InterKnowlogy

A Day of Giving is organized each quarter by committee and gives employees the opportunity to find volunteer opportunities that can be done as a group. Seeing the great attitudes and desire to help improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves is truly rewarding.

Art Center College of Design Interaction Design Workshop

Art Center of Desing LogoInteraction Design (IxD) is used for much more than web sites and simple mobile apps. Companies are solving complex problems, and they can use IxD principles to make sure they are building the right thing the first time without writing novels of requirements documents. Rodney Guzman, Chief Architect and founder of InterKnowlogy will lead an interaction design workshop at the Art Center College of Design. Students will explore how InterKnowlogy works with customers to understand the features they need, and how we echo back what is heard. Students will have the opportunity to listen and observe a real interview with a product stakeholder. Afterwards, the students will work as team to write a proposal for the work. Our goal is to give the students a real life scenario of getting from an idea to effectively communicating a solution.