The coolest Emerging Experiences WinRT application on CNN during the US presidential election

Well, there’s this little thing called United States Presidential Election today.  And because of that there is a group of totally overworked & stressed out InterKnowlogy folks in the CNN broadcast center in Washington DC.

It’s estimated that 250-350 Million people around the world will be watching John King, Wolf Blitzer, and Anderson Cooper of CNN use the coolest Emerging Experiences WinRT application that we have built for them – The CNN Magic Wall.

I’m told CNN will use the on air broadcast “Magic Wall” application for 14 straight hours with just a couple commercial breaks.  Yep, that means this monster of a C# / XAML / Direct X app doesn’t have an SLA of triple 9s; it has to stay up 100% of the time; 24/7.

It’s not a surprise that ratings are through the roof for CNN.  But, so are Fox’s and MSNBC’s and everyone’s.  Never in the history of the US have both candidates been so vehemently hated which is going to manifest in the biggest voter turnout in the history of the United States.  The people in the know tell me that we are going to see a huge millennial vote today.

We have built some new features into the application specifically for this election night and you CNN junkies will notice them.

Feel free to ping me if you need the PR stuff, Social media, contact stuff, etc.

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