Introduction to Windows 8 and WinRT – vNext OC Event Debrief

Last Tuesday – October 9th – I had the pleasure to introduce Windows 8, its most important new features, the details of the Windows Runtime (WinRT), .NET’s new role and WinRT’s limitations to a very engaged crowd at Kim Schmidt’s vNext UserGroup in Irvine, Orange County. You can find details and photos of the event here.

The event showed that – while there exists a lot of interest for Windows 8 in the Developer community – there is still a lot of confusion about Win8’s place and its technical details (in particular the distinction between WinRT and Win32).

In cooperation with Kim Schmidt, my coworker Danny Warren and I are hoping to provide clarification and to eliminate some of that confusion through a series of lectures we are going to hold over the next couple of months.
The details are not set in stone yet, but our goal is to introduce the development of Windows 8 (WinRT) apps and to explain how you can leverage Win8’s new features in your own application. This will include tutorials, in which we will show how to build the foundation for a sophisticated WinRT application (Page-Navigation, Application state restoring, Usage of the MVVM pattern etc.). Consequently no knowledge of Windows 8 is required.

This is the current outline of sessions we came up with (subject to change!):
(B: Beginner, I: Intermediate, A: Advanced)

Windows 8 Installation (VHD) – B
Hello Windows 8 and Introduction to Windows 8’s new Controls – B
Page and Navigation Model – B
Saving and Restoring Application States – I
Settings and Search Contracts – B
Share Contract – B
Live Tiles and Orientation Handling – I
Working with Background Tasks – A
MVVM Refresher – A
Windows 8 & MVVM – Introduction to IK’s WinRTFramework Session 1 – A
Windows 8 & MVVM – Introduction to IK’s WinRTFramework Session 2 – A
Windows 8 & MVVM – Introduction to IK’s WinRTFramework Session 3 – A

If you have requests for additional lectures, please let us know.

Kim Schmidt is still trying to find the perfect venue. It will most probably be in Orange County, though.
We are also trying to figure out how many of you guys are interested in joining these classes.
So if you are – please shoot me an Email!

Thank you

Some impressions (more can be found here):

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