Channel 9 Live at Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4 Launch

In addition to the 3 sessions i am doing on Tuesday at the Visual Studio 2010 and SL4 launch I am going to “anchor” for:

Channel 9 Live at Visual Studio 2010 Launch at 3pm on Monday April 12th

The Channel 9 team will be broadcasting live, unscripted and 100% interactive from DevConnections 2010 in the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas on April 12, 2010 as part of the Visual Studio 2010 Launch.  Similar to what the Channel 9 team has done at Mix ’10 and PDC ’09, they will be soliciting questions via Twitter as well as questions from the audience. 

My episode is: “VS2010: The evolution to rich innovative applications – Silverlight & WPF” and I will try to keep Rocky Lohtka and Billy Hollis on track. I was selected because supposedly I am the only capable of containing them. You cannot control them; you can only hope to contain them. 


To watch the keynotes and Channel 9 Live coverage head to on April 12th and 13th (Silverlight required)
To be a part of the conversation tweet your questions and comments with @ch9live anywhere in the message and we’ll see it.

Audience Interaction

· We will be proactively soliciting questions and comments from the online audience via Twitter and the in person studio audience via a hand held mic.

· Our twitter account is @ch9live

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