ASP.NET AJAX Preview 2 Now On CodePlex

Man Betrand LeRoy and his team are really cranking this stuff out. Following on the heels of last months release they now have a new ASP.NET AJAX Preview 2 release on CodePlex. Here are some of the new features:

  • Observer Pattern. This change makes a plain JavaScript object or array emit change events. For example, you can use the observer pattern to enable live binding of plain data to UI, where changes in the UI are propagated to the data and vice versa.
  • Conversion functions on Binding. Binding now supports a convert function and a convertBack function.
  • Chained bindings. It is now possible to bind A to B and B to C, and have changes to A propagated to C.
  • Reactivating UpdatePanel controls. UpdatePanel controls within an activated region (a region with declarative markup) are reactivated after partial updates.
  • Markup extensions now support nested {{ }} expressions. This may require a rewrite of Preview 1 markup extensions.

I am going to be jamming on this stuff over the weekend (yea I know it’s a holiday weekend). Great job guys!

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