TechEd 2008 WPF Data Visualization Session Resources

Here are the links to the demos, resources, and the ppt deck from the WPF Data Visualization session that I did at the TechED 2008 in Orlando on June 5th, 2008:  

 Download the PowerPoint Deck from the session here: Download 

Download the stand-alone community version (without the SharePoint 2007 dependancy) of the InterKnowlogy “Cancer App“ (C-ME), built for the Scripps Research Institute with source code here: Download 

Download the 3D “Cancer App“ (C-ME), built for the Scripps Research Institute with supporting docs & source code from Codeplex : Here 

Download a stand-alone version of the InterKnowlogy 3D collaborator (the WPF app for 3d AutoCad files) here: Download 

See a technical video on the 3D Angiographer (3d heart surgery app) here: Go 

If you want to be a beta-tester for the cool WPF InterKnowlogy SharePoint searching product thing i demoed you will have to write me an email expressing that desire so I can get you on the list for when we are ready to release.  do that here. 

All the cool InterKnowlogy Silverlight 2.0 Apps are here: Go 

You can get the XceedSoft WPF DataGrid control from there site at 

For more info on Telerik’s RAD controls for WPF go to their website here: 

For more info on SoftwareFx’s ChartFX control for WPF go to their website here: 

You can get the Source Code, Demo Guide, and other resources for the StockBoids WPF application that Szymon Kobalczyk built and won the Microsoft Financial application contest with here: 


Here are links to other demos & resources related to WPF Data Visualization that i didn’t do at this year’s TechEd, but that I have done in the past:  

Charles Petzold’s XAML Cruncher tool. You can install it off his website at:
Use the following XAML as your Startup document (XAML / Save as Startup document):








    view here 


You can get information on the Electric Rain Standout product on there site at 

Links to the New York Times Reader (and other news reader) WPF applications can be found at: 

The Vertigo Family Show application can be found here: Go 

The “design to dev” demo instructions, assetts and code can be found here: Download 


Tim Huckaby ( 

 If you are interested in having InterKnowlogy help you build an application contact me or Andrea Heyen ( 

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