New InRoads to Internet Access

The biggest problem with wireless internet access (either WIFI or cellular) is finding a good connection. Sure your local coffee shop (woo hoo Starbucks) has a connection but what about other locations. This is where cellular comes into play. I have an awesome verizon card built into my laptop and for the most part no matter where I am I can access the Internet. So with these two solutions as long as I can find a hot spot or get cellular service I am good. But what about areas that don’t have a hot spot or cellular service? As I read more and more about how advances in technology and the internet are helping us I always think about areas in the world that don’t have all of this infrastructure in place and what they can do. I am glad to see that other people are thinking the same way. I was very excited to see that Japan launched a new satellite that has the capability to provide satellite based internet access anywhere in the world. The potential for this technology is enormous enabling anyone in the world to be connected. Take away the geek aspect of this and look at the potential for the medical industry for instance. A doctor in say the back country of Nairobi can consult with doctors anywhere in the world to assist him in diagnosing a patient or even better in an actual surgery. It is advances like this that make working in the technology business worthwhile.

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