WPF Dependency Property CodeRush template

I’m working on a WPF custom control and got tired of writing out the whole DependencyProperty every time so added a new CodeRush template to write the DependencyProperty registration, the read/write property using GetValue and SetValue, and an OnPropertyChanged static callback method. Here’s the template text:

«:#PropertyDefaultScope#»«TypeLink(“«?Get(Type)»”)» «Caret»«FieldStart»«Link(MyProperty)»«FieldEnd»«BlockAnchor»
get { return («TypeLink(“«?Get(Type)»”)»)GetValue(«Link(MyProperty)»Property); }
set { SetValue(«Link(MyProperty)»Property, value); }

public static DependencyProperty «Link(MyProperty)»Property = DependencyProperty.Register(
“«Link(MyProperty)»”, typeof(«TypeLink(“«?Get(Type)»”)»), typeof(«TypeName»),
new PropertyMetadata(«FieldStart»null«FieldEnd», new PropertyChangedCallback(On«Link(MyProperty)»«FieldStart»«Link(Changed)»«FieldEnd»)));

private static void On«Link(MyProperty)»«Link(Changed)»(DependencyObject dObj, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)

It links the property type and name, callback method name, and fills in the parent class type. I set the generic template name to dp?Type? which isn’t otherwise used. This will save you a whole lot of typing if you’re working with WPF. Note: Workflow also uses Dependency Properties but they are based in a different namespace and slightly different syntactically.

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