The March to Catalina 2007 – Today’s wipeout in the stinky mud

Wipeouts while running are pretty rare for me.  god didn’t give me much, but he did give me the agility gene.  my buddy bart hammond once called me a goat as we scamped through the trails in the colorado rockies.  well, i had a classic fall today in the nastiest stinky mud that we have in Calavera (one of the mountain bike trail sites we have close to the house in Carlsbad, CA where i live). 

This particular creek crossing where i fell is famous becuase my buddy hugh kollar buried his front wheel there a couple years ago then jacknived his body over the handle bars burying his arm 3 feet deep in the wet stinky clay, up to his shoulder.  the worst part is that it is a stagnant, stinky area of wet clay.   

Well, it rained today but i thought i’d take my brand new adidas trail shoes out for their maiden voyage.  it was a lot wetter than i anticipated and i kept accumulating mud on the bottom of my shoes.  when i approached the creek crossing i noticed a puddle of water accumulated – which is rare for the summer time in this area.  i hopped the puddle and landed on my left sliding a classic “Yamaguchi“ and fell flat on my back with a big splash.  in my struggle in the slippery clay to get up my left hamstring gumbied (cramped) so i had to lie there in the stinky mud, laughing at myself, until my cramp subsided.  when i got up i was covered in grey stinky clay.  and it took all i had to climb out of the creek area becuase it was so slippery.  well, i was still 4 miles from the house so i had no choice but to continue. the run.  when i got to civilization (the crossing at el camino) i amused a bunch of folks in their cars as their stared at me in disbelief.

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